The bright side of jetlag

Sleeping on the planeJetlag is not known as the best part of the travel experience, but I’ve managed to find its positive sides over the years.

Higher tolerance to meetings

I used to work for a company where we had meetings all the time. Morning meetings (every single morning!), weekly meetings, monthly meetings, team meetings, management meetings, one-on-one meetings, planning meetings, product knowledge meetings, motivational meetings… I’m sure that wasn’t all. It used to frustrate me, sometimes to tears, just how much time we waste instead of doing what needs to be done and getting out of there on time. Except when I was jetlagged. Then meetings were the perfect place to relax in the corner, while nodding from time to time, looking like I was listening. Only it was mostly gravity and my inability to hold my head up that were causing the nodding.

Opportunity to do things I wouldn’t normally do with young kids

When my son was a toddler, we stopped over in Singapore on our way from Europe to Australia. He’d usually go to bed around 7 pm and we wouldn’t be able to do much at night. But that time was different. He was up until 1 am and we got to hang out at the resort bar on the first night.The following nights we watched a light show twice (I loved it that much). Then my son adjusted to the new time zone. On the fourth night my husband did a night safari. Because my son was no longer jetlagged, I had to stay in the room and watch him sleep.

Toilet training miracles

Coming back to the present. We arrived back from Europe a few days ago and my little one has been up for at least 6 hours every night. She’s been trying to come up with ingenious ways to get me out of bed and she’s found a winner – wanting to go to the toilet. She’d much rather sit on the toilet than stay in bed when she’s not sleepy at all and as a result, she’s now almost toilet trained herself. Another few days and we’ll be done! It only works at night, but then the night time toilet training is the harder part, isn’t it?

So this week I’m thankful for all the good things that jetlag has brought into my life.

I’m also thankful that it doesn’t last forever.