Grateful for choices

I have a love-hate relationship with choice. It’s great to have it and it can make your life very difficult. I feel that when I’m choosing something, I’m saying ‘no’ to all other options. Yet, when I’m not choosing anything for fear of making a bad decision, I’m saying ‘no’ to everything.

I’ve just re-read my post about decisions that I wrote last year. Until the last moment I was hesitating whether or not to go to Bulgaria with the kids to visit my parents and I ended up booking the tickets with just over a week to go. I could have written that same post again this year. Same agony. Same indecision. Only this time I still haven’t made my choice. I haven’t booked my tickets… and I’m thinking of travelling on Monday.

It’s a hard decision, yet, I’m grateful that it’s mine to make and the circumstances didn’t make it for me.