Mandalas: first step

As soon as I read today’s Reverb14 prompt (signs and symbols), my mind immediately picked mandalas as something to focus on. I’ve been wanting to draw mandalas for a long time. I borrowed a book about mandalas from the library a couple of times. Then I returned it unopened. I wanted to write a freelance article about them. I joined Andrea Schroeder’s Creative Dream Circle to do a different course and coincidentally one of the next inclusions became a course on mandalas. And I did nothing with it until now. Today’s prompt finally gave me the push to take out my notebook, watch the first video from Andrea’s course and draw my first mandala.


Where could this possibly lead me? I don’t know. Drawing mandalas is all about focusing on each layer as I’m drawing it. Not trying to plan ahead, not looking back to see how all the pieces fit together. Maybe, it’s leading me into mindfulness. Or maybe, the pieces will come together in an unexpected way once I feel ready to look at the whole.