What’s your core energy?

Your core energy is the energy you exude when you’re feeling at your best. Every person has unique core energy and most of us are using it unknowingly in moments of strength and inspiration. But here’s the secret not many people are aware of: you can learn to connect with it at any time and when you do, your core energy becomes a powerful tool that helps you find the right answers, move through obstacles and take action.

My core energy is ‘playful curiosity’. When I connect to my playful curiosity, everything becomes easy. I’m no longer attached to an outcome and it’s fun to take action, because I really want to find out the answer to the question ‘What if…?’

Only sometimes I forget that this is who I really am. Fear takes over. Not so long ago I told you a story of fear, prompted by an April Moon story starter. One of the April Moon prompts that followed brought the solution.

core energy, curiosity, inspiration

One of my greatest sources of inspiration has always been….”


How could I forget?

Once I remembered, everything became easy.

I didn’t sit there and paint grim pictures about what the other people involved would think of my change of directions. I went and asked them. Surprisingly enough, they couldn’t be more supportive.

I looked at what I was doing now with playful curiosity and I saw that I hadn’t exhausted my opportunities for learning yet. There was so much more I could play with before I let go if I only didn’t let my mind’s stories get in the way.

I looked at what I wanted to do next with playful curiosity and I found opportunities to do it now in smaller ways rather than wait for all the stars to align before I could make my big move.

And I realised that if I want to teach people to connect with themselves and their dreams, this is the very first thing I need to teach: how to find your core energy, how to remember to connect with it, how to use it in your daily life. It’s like a shortcut to everything else you want to create.

I am creating a class or a mini-course about core energy. If you’re interested in learning more, please put your name down and I’ll contact you once I have worked out the details. Please also let me know if you’d be able to come to a workshop in Sydney to help me decide whether to create an online or in-person class, or both… I’d love to make it a live class (if you can come) and I’d love to meet you.

Yes, I’d love to find out more!

Would you attend a live workshop in Sydney?