What I’ve learned from my children these school holidays

learning from children


These are the first school holidays in a long time when I have nothing time-consuming planned. And it makes all the difference. There’s so much we can be learning from children, if we stay present with them.

Who’s the first person you greet in the morning?

This is something my little one started doing recently. When she wakes up, she stands in front of the mirror, smiles at herself and says,’Good morning, Miss 2!’ What a great habit to create instead of looking at all the things that might be wrong with us! It’s spread all over the household. We’re now all doing it and it instantly purs us in a food mood.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

The kids and I were walking around the city, when someone stopped us to offer us promotional tickets to a ferris wheel. They gave us two tickets and there were four of us. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to ask for more tickets. We already had two, so in my eyes that was a whole lot more than none.

Only my kids had a different opinion. ‘Mum, why are they giving us two tickets when we need four?’ Then they turned around to the girls handing out the tickets, ‘Can we have two more tickets please?’ And they said, ‘Of course’. We went on to enjoy a free ride on the ferris wheel.

So these are my two snippets of wisdom these school holidays. What’s something you’ve learned from your children?