My one word for the year 2013

Lotus pond at Nan Tein Temple, a place where I find myself at ease


This year I picked my one word for the year a little bit differently. I was doing a visualisation trying to get guidance in one area of my life and the word that came up as the answer was


At first it freaked me out. Ease? Wasn’t everything worthwhile supposed to be difficult? And what would people think if I mentioned ease on my blog, that I was lazy and didn’t want to do anything?

But the more I thought about it the more it excited me, to the point that I chose ‘ease’ as my one guiding word for the year and  not just the area that I was initially looking into.

What if…

I could achieve what I wanted easily instead of struggling. Would that going to make my achievements less satisfying?

I could make decisions easily and confidently? Would those be good decisions?

I could be gentle, compassionate and at ease with myself?

I want to find out. I’ll go for ease this year and see where it takes me.

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Maybe things can be easy and at the same time happy, rewarding and moving forward.

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