A Bumptabulous (book) giveaway

I got my copy of Bumptabulous a couple of months ago and didn’t read it at first. It’s a book where 20 mums (myself included) tell their story about conception, pregnancy and life with newborn and at the time I was too deeply immersed in my own bubble of newborn love to be drawn to other women’s stories. And I didn’t like the justified alignment of the text (the things we whinge about after we have a baby…). But once I picked it up I was hooked. I even caught myself modelling very inconsiderate behaviour reading at the dinner table.

The book was supposed to be funny and it was. But far more often than I was laughing I found myself crying , because I could relate so well to all the bits that mirrored my own experience, the bits that I wished had happened to me and the bits that I was grateful they never happened. Beyond funny the stories were real and emotional.

If you want to relive the sweetness (and the icky stuff) of that period of your life, or you want to be prepared what you could expect with your own pregnancy and birth, or you just want to have a laugh (and a cry) – this book is for you. (Warning: if you think you are done having babies, you may change your mind after reading this book.)

My baby has been reading Bumptabulous

I have a copy of Bumptabulous to give away.

How to play

In the comments, please share a funny memory from your pregnancy, life with your newborn or if that is yet to come for you – a memory related to your own childhood.  By sharing your memory you agree that it may appear in future posts on Mum in search or in my newsletter.

Entries close at midnight (Sydney time), on Sun, 10th Feb.

The funniest story (judged by me) will win.

The winner will be notified by email and added to the end of the post by 17th Feb.

This is a paper book, so you will need to provide your mailing address if you win.

The giveaway is open worldwide.

Can’t wait to read your stories!

*** This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Jessie Hay, congratulations! ***

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  1. Mary Preston says

    I was close to 40 weeks with my son. As I crossed a busy street a car full of ‘hoons’ beeped & tooted and shouted out ” We know what you’ve been doing!!” I actually blushed. It was like I’d been caught out. Since I was the size of a blimp it was no great secret.

  2. jody jamieson says

    while i was pregnant i tormented my hubby he would wake in the middle of the night and ask me to roll over he had had enough of the baby kicking him in the back he would get so upset as every night i would sleep like a baby and the baby would kick and flip and keep my partner awake till 4 in 5 in the morning he went to work at 6.i think the worst was my eating habbits and the things i ate i would sit in bed and eat eibs and gerkins wrapped in star dipped in mayonase he would just say go in the lounge when baby was here he gave up as i would just sit there with the torch at the roof and just watch her now he laughs then he said i was a crazy lady we chuckle about these silly things or when my son emptyd his tummy in my partner face oh kids they keep you laughing

  3. Jessie Hay says

    Just after we’d finally shared our news about this pregnancy with our kids, our 4 year old walked up to me and said very seriously ‘mum, I know why you ate the baby- and very quickly followed that with- because it is meaty!! I couldn’t stop laughing and he couldn’t understand why, he just looked at me curiously.
    Of course I then explained that I didn’t really eat babies lol.

  4. Maree says

    After close to 4 hours of labour I really really wanted to go to the toilet and couldn’t get the picture of something happening when i finally needed to push! I waited till after a contraction and after promising to be careful and to keep my hand over vajayjay I waddled off to loo. I did my thing, stopped for contraction, cleaned myself up, stood up, waited for another three contractions that backed up on each other took a step forward then “help!!” I started to feel the “burn”. I didn’t get to go anywhere before gravity helped my little girls head out and when I knew midwife had her, practically sneezed her shoulders out. Luckily my princess was caught before she hit The bathroom floor and very nearly in the loo! My previous birth was a natural bum first breech labour in an operating theatre with 12 staff staring at my twat in awe so I had never had the need to poo feeling of a head pushing down!

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