Grateful for half-finished projects

Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I look around and I see lots of unfinished projects lying around – a crocheted toy for my baby, a pile of paper with three different concepts for blog re-design, a sketch of a logo for an ebook I haven’t started writing yet, a submarine out of milk bottle that we’ve been making with my kids…

A couple of weeks ago I would have been frustrated with myself for not finishing anything. But then a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have any unfinished projects. Because I hadn’t started anything.

Today I choose to see my projects not as unfinished but as half-finished. As evidence that when you make baby steps things start happening, and a lot quicker than waiting for the right time to take a giant leap.

Joining with 52 Weeks of Grateful, see what everyone else is grateful for!

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  1. says

    Great, positive post! I have so many unfinished projects, lets just say it reflects alot of enthusiasm, and its really about the journey, not the destination isn’t it:-)

  2. says

    Oh, I like that – half finished. I have a several of those right now. However, lately I just don’t care. I would rather snuggle my little ones than invest too much time in little gifts that they will enjoy for a while but the snuggles and playing they will remember forever.
    T Rex Mom recently posted..Yo Gabba Gabba

    • Tat says

      So true! That’s exactly why I don’t have that many finished projects at the moment (actually can’t think of any)… Thanks for reminding me snuggles and play matter.

  3. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says

    Love this, Tat. I tend towards seeing the glass half empty and often get overwhelmed by the size of a project that I procrastinate indefinitely. I need to start more things and see where they lead me!

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