Shopping with kids… or is there a better way?

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There are lots of things I love doing with my kids (from household chores to creative projects), but shopping for clothes is not one of them.

I remember going shopping with my son  when he was about 18 months old (and the only child at the time). We got into a change room, I locked the door and got ready to try something on. As soon as I was in my underwear, my son slipped under the door and took off! Imagine the panic. Should I run after him nearly naked? Or should I waste precious seconds to get dressed and risk losing him? I ended up donning some clothes before running out (does that make me a bad mum?), luckily he hadn’t gotten very far. I don’t think I’ve ever dared to try anything on again with my kids around.

On a more recent occasion I desperately needed a T-shirt, so I ventured to the shops with the kids again. It took them about 2 minutes to realise that the shop was perfect for playing hide-and-seek. I definitely didn’t want to be the one seeking so we quickly raced through, grabbed the first T-shirt that looked moderately acceptable and ran to the checkout. Needless to say, the T-shirt was nothing I would normally choose to wear and when we got home, it turned out it wasn’t the pure cotton I believed it to be when I touched it at the shop.

Now enter the world of online shopping

The perfect shopping experience for an introvert. No crowds. No pushy helpful sales people. And it can be done while the kids are in bed.

I used to shop online a lot. In fact I started blogging because I was trying to distract myself from online shopping. And the distraction worked a bit too well. It wasn’t until I received a sponsored post inquiry for EziBuy that I remembered… Taking kids to the shops to buy a T-shirt? What a crazy idea, why didn’t I just do it online?

It took me less than two minutes to find a few tops on EziBuy’s website that look a whole lot more attractive than the one I recently acquired (plus I was able to specify the material I wanted to narrow my search).

Women's tops

And if you don’t know where to start, check out these dress guides with recommendations for six different body shapes.

Shopping is even easier when you can get a great range of women’s clothing and kids’ clothing all in one spot. Here is my daughter’s selection (you can tell that one of her favourite sentences is “I won’t wear this, because it is not a dress”).

Girls' dresses

How do you manage shopping for clothes (with or without kids)?

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  1. says

    Oh no! I’m sorry Tat, but I have to confess I had a big giggle reading your changing room dilemma!! Pretty much all the shopping I’ve done in the last 12 months since having baby number two has been online or non-existent (mostly non-existent, I’m afraid). I have made really rushed decisions in shops in the past too and I’m so grateful to live in the era we live in where I can shop in my PJs at midnight in front of my computer :)
    lizzy – muddle-headed mamma recently posted..The Alphabet Weekends – brought to you by the letter E (and the Guinness Book of Records)

  2. says

    I love the sites that have clothing advice for body shapes, so handy to be reminded what NOT to buy. Looking for clothes for me is such a chore when I have the kids with me. I loathe it, much easier online.
    Alicia recently posted..Port Fairy folkie 2014

    • Tat says

      Knowing what not to buy is as important as knowing what to buy, isn’t it? It’s so easy to get carried away and buy too much stuff.

  3. says

    I’ve become more and more inclined to do on-line shopping. It’s just easy. I don’t think I’ve even got it wrong with size or shape when shopping on the internet.
    As for shopping with the twinions on my own? Never! I don’t have the stamina to chase them while they run in opposite directions!
    Grace recently posted..Facebook Lovin’ Sunday – 16/03

  4. says

    Hahaha, I had to laugh, I’ve had exactly the same change room experience expect my son crawled into all the other cubicles giving all the other half naked ladies the fright of their lives!!x

  5. says

    I’m fine with online shopping for many things, but I’ve never been comfortable doing clothes shopping since I’m tiny and clothes often don’t sit right on me because my height can throw the basic style out of proportion. I would be forever sending things back if I tried, so I just stick to shops where I can try the clothes on first.
    Glenda @ Healthy Stories recently posted..Chocolate Coconut Banana Sorbet

    • Tat says

      I have the same problem with shoes… something about my feet is not quite standard. I still shop online, but I only buy brands that I’ve tried before and I know they fit.

  6. says

    I’ve become a complete convert to online shopping since having kids, groceries, clothes, everything. To the point I wonder how people survived before. My children would’ve been hungry and naked 😉

  7. says

    Oh my! That has never happened to me before as I’ve never attempted at shopping for clothes alone with the kids. Online shopping is the way to go for me these days. But I always get a similar panicky feeling when I have to go to the public bathroom with my toddler. Throughout the whole session I’ll be the mum in the cubicle constantly yelling “not yet, don’t touch the door, stop fiddling with the knob, mummy is not finished!!!”
    Living Serenely recently posted..Talking about grandparents

    • Tat says

      I know the feeling well. My toddler is into toilet paper at the moment and I usually find it annoying, but now I’m realising that it’s actually an improvement compared to playing with the door 😉

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