Tat's headshotHi, my name is Tat Apostolova. I’m a mum of three and a dream detective. I help mums connect with themselves and their dreams through fun creative tools, stories and unexpected questions.

Some years ago I left the corporate world to become a mum. At the time I was
bored with my job, burnt out and disillusioned. I knew that there was something else I wanted to do, but I felt too numb to even begin guessing what it was.

Motherhood gave me the perfect opportunity to slow down, look deep and reconnect with myself and with the world around me. My children were the first to help me discover the transformational power of creativity and play. Then I came across the ARTbundance™ Certification Program, a unique training deeply rooted in art, play and spirituality. I’m now a certified ARTbundance™ coach and practitioner, I have a much better understanding of how creativity, intuition and imagination work together and a bucketful of new fun self-discovery tools.

I’m still following the clues to my own dreams and I share what I learn along the way on my blog, Mum in search. I invite you to join me there, play with new possibilities and start taking steps towards your dreams, today.

Because we, mums, are important and our dreams matter.

Ready to follow the clues to your dreams? Get your Detective Gear here.

Pieces of me

Dance Jun 2010I am a mum of three, a boy (7 years old) and two girls (5 and 1).

I am originally from Bulgaria. I now live in Sydney, Australia.

I think clouds, waves and birds are beautiful.

I love books.

The art form closest to my heart is dance.

Ready to follow the clues to your dreams? Get your Detective Gear here.

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