The bright side of jetlag

Sleeping on the plane

Jetlag is not known as the best part of the travel experience, but I've managed to find its positive sides over the years. Higher tolerance to meetings I used to work for a company where we had meetings all the time. Morning meetings (every single morning!), weekly meetings, monthly meetings, team … [Read more...]

Creating space for your dreams

following your dreams

In a recent survey, a few of you shared that you didn't know what your dream was (I'm keeping the survey open. If you'd like to participate, check it out here - one question only!). It didn't surprise me - we often get so busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and so tired that we get … [Read more...]

2 tricks to help you fall asleep fast

get more sleep, fall asleep

I don't usually have a problem with falling asleep unless I'm overtired. Then it gets really frustrating - I make time for rest, I go to bed and I can't sleep. That's why I was excited when, in my recent brainstorm project at MyBlogU, some of the ideas had to do with falling asleep easier and making … [Read more...]