Do you really need a dream?

follow your dreams

You often hear the advice to follow your dreams, but do your really need to a dream to be happy? Ann Smarty, the founder of MyBlogU (where I've been spending lots of time lately) shares: I think I always have a dream. Sometimes it seems really tiring to always have something you are pursuing but … [Read more...]

What’s your core energy?

core energy, curiosity, inspiration

Your core energy is the energy you exude when you're feeling at your best. Every person has unique core energy and most of us are using it unknowingly in moments of strength and inspiration. But here's the secret not many people are aware of: you can learn to connect with it at any time and when you … [Read more...]

Learning from children: don’t give up!

learning from children

A couple of weeks ago my 5-year-old announced that she wanted to do a weather chart. She drew a table with the days of the week and spaces to indicate the weather on each of the days. She filled out her chart on Monday, very excited. Then on Sunday she said, 'Mum, I forgot to mark my weather chart … [Read more...]