What dance has taught me about balance

finding balance

For a long time I associated balance with being still and I didn't want it in my life. Who wants to stay still when there are so many places to go and so much to experience? Until, one day, I felt a bit wobbly on the dance floor. And it made me think... A dancer is the impersonation of balance and … [Read more...]

Don’t underestimate the value of support


A few days ago, when we were discussing secondhand dreams (thanks, Phil Turner, for the phrase), Amy Putkonen and  PR Brady mentioned how talking their dreams out has helped them. I didn't even think of it when I was writing the post, probably because getting support is something I still struggle … [Read more...]

How to flip a coin to make a good decision

decision making

***This is another post inspired by Marney Makridakis’ new book, Hop, Skip, Jump: 75 Ways to Playfully Manifest a Meaningful Life (aff.link). According to my Kindle, I've now read 62% of the book, so you'll probably be hearing about it for at least another week. *** In one of the chapters of her … [Read more...]

A map to your dreams

You don't need to see the whole path before you take the first step.

**Disclosure: The link to the Artella website is an affiliate link** Often we want our whole journey mapped out before we start and it's not always possible. We simply can't see far enough. Once we start, we collect more information and the journey ahead of us takes shape little by little. I've … [Read more...]