What nourishes your soul?

chalk drawing

Thinking about this Reverb14 prompt, I realised that a lot of the activities on my Nourish list are also activities that I see as productive. Writing. Being creative. Playing with ideas. And in search of productivity I'm often missing the nourishing part - doing something because it's fun and … [Read more...]

Try easier

Wave, ease

A couple of years ago I chose 'ease' as my word for the year and part of me felt bad about it. Did that make me lazy? Was I going to achieve anything worthwhile if I just let it be easy? Yet, it felt right . I wanted to make the most of my time with my new baby. I wanted to be there for my family … [Read more...]

Roots and anchors


Today's Reverb14 prompt is inviting me to look at my roots and anchors this year. The answers come easy this time. My family. What I always consider before doing anything. What I always come back to. Creativity. I could definitely invite more of it into my life. My main interest is not so … [Read more...]

Bravery is allowing yourself to be supported

Sleeping on the plane

A letter from me now to me at the beginning of 2014 Dear Tat, Remember last time you went to Bulgaria to visit your parents with the three kids? You thought it was too much for you and you thought you weren't doing it again. But every year comes that time when you know that if you miss the … [Read more...]