Fountains, rivers and my one word for 2015

one word for the year, river

Some time ago I was in a group coaching session with Marney Makridakis and she read us a chapter of her (then unpublished) book Hop, Skip, Jump (the chapter about water). She asked us to draw how we felt about our creative dreams at that moment and use a pool of water to represent our feelings. I … [Read more...]

How do you plan for the New Year?


It's the time of the year when we reflect on the past and plan for the future. What's the best way to do it? We set resolutions, we choose one word theme, we focus on the big vision or we create detailed plans - each of us has our own unique practice. I've asked some my blogging friends (who I met … [Read more...]

Revisiting certainty


The last day of Reverb14. I remember I struggled when I was asked about certainty on Day 1. Has it only been 3 weeks? I feel so much wiser and with so much more certainty in my life. Now I know with certainty that: Self-care is the key to pretty much anything and the easiest way to reach my … [Read more...]

What nourishes your soul?

chalk drawing

Thinking about this Reverb14 prompt, I realised that a lot of the activities on my Nourish list are also activities that I see as productive. Writing. Being creative. Playing with ideas. And in search of productivity I'm often missing the nourishing part - doing something because it's fun and … [Read more...]