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How to make time for your creative projects

My time creations

Last week at Village Voices Kirsty set a challenge: share your top tip for staying creative. Here is mine: Create with your kids I know a lot of mums who prefer their kids to have their art and craft time at playgroup or preschool. I’ve been there myself. After all, it can be a tedious…

The Goddess Circle: a look from the inside

Ever since I’ve found that the price will be doubling for Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle membership, I’ve wanted to write a post and let you know about it. For a while the post stayed at the top of my blogging to-do list… and didn’t get written. I was feeling resistance. I needed to explore why….

The Universe gave me a hedgehog

Hedgehog drawing

Guided meditations can be like movies with unexpected twists. Only sometimes it’s hard to work out their meaning. I was doing a meditation from the Creative Goddess  course* where I was getting a gift from the Universe to keep as a reminder of the journey I’d been on. Only my gift was a hedgehog. Clearly…

The power of art to change the way we feel

Painting with love

Sometimes people we care about can say things that hurt us. A lot. I believe that the way people treat us are a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Clearly, I have some work to do in this area. But that takes time. I was looking for a more immediate solution and I found something…

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