Need to think outside the box? Try this!

Outside the box

Is there an area of your life, business or creative dream where you're feeling stuck? Take a blank piece of paper and draw a box in the middle. In the box put everything you know about the challenge you're facing.  You can write, draw a sketch or use symbols to represent anything that you've done … [Read more...]

Grateful for art

Chalk art

If you didn't have kids and you didn't consider yourself an artist, how often would you do art? If I had known just how much I'd enjoy it, of course, I'd have done art before I had kids. Only the thought never even entered my mind. One of the gifts that my kids brought into my life is the gift of … [Read more...]

Grateful for patterns

Crocheted baby boots

For some reason baby socks always slip off, we've already lost quite a few and winter is only starting. After collecting a basketful of single socks, I thought I needed a new plan. So I found this super-easy baby boots crochet pattern and... There you have it. No more lost socks. The boots … [Read more...]

Grateful for half-finished projects

Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I look around and I see lots of unfinished projects lying around - a crocheted toy for my baby, a pile of paper with three different concepts for blog re-design, a sketch of a logo for an ebook I haven't started writing yet, a submarine out of milk bottle that we've been making with my kids... A … [Read more...]