Finding support in books and mindfulness

7 Days Mindfulness Challenge

*** There are affiliate links in this post*** My Thankful Thursday posts seem to be moving later and later into the week... I've been trying for a few days now to find gratitude. I've been sitting in front of the blank screen and the words just would't come. I've been feeling overwhelmed and … [Read more...]

Change your life in 10,000 steps


A couple of months ago I downloaded a pedometer app for my iPhone. At first I was just curious. I thought I was quite active. I don't drive and I like walking, so I was confident that I was doing 10,ooo steps a day anyway. It didn't turn out that way. On days when I had some time to go for a walk … [Read more...]

Why can’t we just go to sleep? (Survey results)


Thank you to everyone who completed my survey on sleep. I'm finally ready to share the results and clearly I'm not the only one who needs more sleep!   When it comes to sharing what would make our sleep better, the most common response was the wish for uninterrupted sleep. Oh, how I … [Read more...]