Grateful for daily rituals

A cup of tea

I didn't care much for routines and rituals before I had kids. Life seemed more fun when it was spontaneous and unpredictable. Now I cherish predictability. I use daily rituals as anchors that bring me back to myself. They don't let my me-ness float away and get lost somewhere between making … [Read more...]

Celebrating imperfection


If you ask my husband, he'll tell you that I'm the most patient person in the Universe. I don't see it that way. I lose my temper way more often than I'd like. Sometimes I wake up excited that I have the most amazing ideas. I want to shout about my ideas from the rooftops and tell everyone. The … [Read more...]

How do you keep track of your energy?

tracking your energy

Energy: the more you give the more you get back." This quote is from I sign I see every time I go to the gym (Fitness First) and it always makes me think. This is true in so many ways and it's not just about exercise. You give happy, joyful energy, you get joy back. You give frustration and anger, … [Read more...]