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What a wonderful world


What has brought you wonder and delight this week? For me, it was the butterflies. It’s spring and all of a sudden they are everywhere. I’ve contributed another spring photo to a collaborative post over at Raising Loveliness, where you can have a look at lots of small and big pieces of wonder in this…

Grateful for real books and imaginary book reviews

Dancing skeleton

It’s school holidays time and I’m grateful to Mister Maker (the book) for entertaining the kids on rainy days. We made so much stuff and so much mess that I was looking forward to putting Mr Maker back on the library shelf and getting something more along the lines of ‘how to draw’ instead. No such luck….

Book review: Upside-Down Mommy

Upside-Down Mommy

I started reading Upside-Down Mommy at a cafe. It turned out reading it in public was not such a great idea because I started crying almost from page one. Tears just kept on coming. And if the looks I got at the cafe weren’t bad enough, you should have seen what happened when I moved my…

A Bumptabulous (book) giveaway

My baby has been reading Bumptabulous

I got my copy of Bumptabulous a couple of months ago and didn’t read it at first. It’s a book where 20 mums (myself included) tell their story about conception, pregnancy and life with newborn and at the time I was too deeply immersed in my own bubble of newborn love to be drawn to other…

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