Just finished reading: Breathing in Colour


*** There are affiliate links in this post *** I picked up Breathing in Colour after listening to an interview with Clare Jay, where she talked about using dreams to help you with your writing. The idea to have a character with synaesthesia (a sensory condition with no clear boundaries between … [Read more...]

Just finished reading: The Lost Art of Sleep

The Lost Art of Sleep

**There are affiliate links in this post.** I couldn't have possibly walked past a book called The Lost Art of Sleep. If I can't get much sleep, I can at least do the next best thing - read about it. It turns out there're people out there that are even more obsessed with sleep than I am. And … [Read more...]

The Blog Tour is travelling to…


I've had fun with the Blog Tour and thanks to Anna from Fitfunner for nominating me. Now it's time for the next bloggers to take over, answer the following 4 questions and then choose the next Blog Tour stops. What are you working on? How does your work differs from others of its genre? Why … [Read more...]

Find the wisdom of your dreams

Dreams, Messages From Your Subconscious

Disclosure: I received a free dream interpretation and there are affiliate links in this post. Lately I've been searching for different ways to make sleep more fun and meaningful. Yes, I know I need more sleep (my body is telling me so) and often this is not enough to motivate me to actually go … [Read more...]