Fairy Tales of Sand

Sand Sculpture

There is a yearly sand sculpture festival in Burgas (Bulgaria) that we've been visiting every time we come. Three years ago this is where my daughter went missing. She was 2 years old at the time and she was gone for good 10-15 minutes. The only reason I didn't call the police was that I was still … [Read more...]

Travelling with kids: twists and turns


A couple of weeks ago, after a lot of deliberation, I finally decided to fly to Bulgaria to visit my parents. The trip went pretty well - not the best time of my life by far, but manageable. Then we had a couple of amazing days with my family. Until on day three, my 7-year-old got a fever. At … [Read more...]

Grateful for choices


I have a love-hate relationship with choice. It's great to have it and it can make your life very difficult. I feel that when I'm choosing something, I'm saying 'no' to all other options. Yet, when I'm not choosing anything for fear of making a bad decision, I'm saying 'no' to everything. I've … [Read more...]

Spring is just around the corner


A couple of years ago a posted a photo of snowdrops for my Wordless Wednesday post. This week I noticed snowdrops again... in the very same spot. In fact, this is the only place I've seen snowdrops in Australia. Is it because they don't usually grow here or is it because of my city living? Snowdrops … [Read more...]