Protecting my joy with gratitude


There's an easy way to make space for joy and protect your joy - practicing gratitude. I used to be very consistent writing my grateful posts once a week. It may not seem like a whole lot of gratitude, but it was enough for me. It motivated me to look throughout the week for things to be grateful … [Read more...]

Do it anyway!


Gremlins telling me that I'm not doing the right thing? I'm familiar with them only too well. Yet, I did quite a few things this year despite the gremlins. I taught my first teleclass on a topic that I didn't think I knew a lot. It turned out I did. In fact, I've experienced this again and again … [Read more...]


connections, cappucino

'Connect' was my word for the year back in 2012. It went pretty well for a couple of months. Then I got pregnant. And sick. And stayed that way for most of the pregnancy. Connecting was forgotten - I was having a hard time to get through my days half of the time, let alone make an effort to reach … [Read more...]