Grateful for choices


I have a love-hate relationship with choice. It's great to have it and it can make your life very difficult. I feel that when I'm choosing something, I'm saying 'no' to all other options. Yet, when I'm not choosing anything for fear of making a bad decision, I'm saying 'no' to everything. I've … [Read more...]

Spring is just around the corner


A couple of years ago a posted a photo of snowdrops for my Wordless Wednesday post. This week I noticed snowdrops again... in the very same spot. In fact, this is the only place I've seen snowdrops in Australia. Is it because they don't usually grow here or is it because of my city living? Snowdrops … [Read more...]

Grateful for books


Yesterday I went to the Book Week parade at my kids' school and I listened to the principal talk about reading. She said some people were predicting that reading would become obsolete in the digital age. As it turned out, we are now required to read more, faster and more critically. I couldn't … [Read more...]