Posting daily: experiment wrap-up

For the past month I've been experimenting with posting daily as part of the Align my website course. A couple of weeks into the course the suggested experiment changed from 'post daily' to 'do the work daily'. I continued posting becauseI didn't think I would do the work  if there was no … [Read more...]

Please help me align my blog

It's Week 4 of Align your website. I'm still stuck on my life's purpose. Maybe, I'm not meant to know it just yet. I'm going to sit on it for now and, in the meantime, move on to the next experiment. This week I'm looking for my through-line. The things that I always come back to. I think I … [Read more...]

5 things I’ve learned from posting daily

You may or you may not have noticed that I've been posting daily for the last two and a half weeks (has it really been this long?). It started as an experiment suggested by Gwen Bell in her Align your website course and I expected it to feel like a chore, because my blogging time is very limited. To … [Read more...]