Should I post every day in September?

Calendar September

For the last few hours I've been toying with the idea of posting every day in September. I did it last year as a part of a course I was doing at the time and it was well worth it. This time I want to do it for different reasons. I've got tons of unfinished drafts. One of my main strengths is idea … [Read more...]

Grateful for communities, cafes and school toilets

Flower toilet

Grateful is taking a break at Maxabella loves... this week, but it has become a weekly ritual for me, so linky or no linky I can't wait to share my gratefuls with you! *** Earlier this week I participated in a natural parenting blog carnival called Embracing Your Birth Experience and hosted by … [Read more...]

Posting daily: experiment wrap-up

For the past month I've been experimenting with posting daily as part of the Align my website course. A couple of weeks into the course the suggested experiment changed from 'post daily' to 'do the work daily'. I continued posting becauseI didn't think I would do the work  if there was no … [Read more...]