Just finished reading: Breathing in Colour


*** There are affiliate links in this post *** I picked up Breathing in Colour after listening to an interview with Clare Jay, where she talked about using dreams to help you with your writing. The idea to have a character with synaesthesia (a sensory condition with no clear boundaries between … [Read more...]

Just finished reading: The Lost Art of Sleep

The Lost Art of Sleep

**There are affiliate links in this post.** I couldn't have possibly walked past a book called The Lost Art of Sleep. If I can't get much sleep, I can at least do the next best thing - read about it. It turns out there're people out there that are even more obsessed with sleep than I am. And … [Read more...]

Book review: Upside-Down Mommy

Upside-Down Mommy

I started reading Upside-Down Mommy at a cafe. It turned out reading it in public was not such a great idea because I started crying almost from page one. Tears just kept on coming. And if the looks I got at the cafe weren't bad enough, you should have seen what happened when I moved my reading to … [Read more...]