How to find time to read

Time to read

Disclosure: there are affiliate links in this post Someone asked me, "How do you find time to read?" and I didn't know what to say. What do you mean "find time to read"? I have to read! It's just something you do because you have to, like eating or sleeping, isn't it? I've always been a reader, … [Read more...]

Grateful for real books and imaginary book reviews

Dancing skeleton

It's school holidays time and I'm grateful to Mister Maker (the book) for entertaining the kids on rainy days. We made so much stuff and so much mess that I was looking forward to putting Mr Maker back on the library shelf and getting something more along the lines of 'how to draw' instead. … [Read more...]

Book review: Upside-Down Mommy

Upside-Down Mommy

I started reading Upside-Down Mommy at a cafe. It turned out reading it in public was not such a great idea because I started crying almost from page one. Tears just kept on coming. And if the looks I got at the cafe weren't bad enough, you should have seen what happened when I moved my reading to … [Read more...]

Grateful for getting to know my inner critic

Quote by Thomas Kida

I spoke to my child in anger. I won't forget the look in her eyes - she was scared of me. I was scared of me. Because this was not the 'me' either of us knew. I don't do anger. When I'm tired I whinge with no real emotion behind it and my kids mostly ignore me or tell me I need to go to bed. … [Read more...]