Breastfeeding a 2-year-old: what is it like?


I've been meaning to write this post for a while, because it's something people don't usually talk about. When you are breastfeeding a baby, it's seen as normal. When your baby gets to a certain age, you start getting the questions, 'Are you still breastfeeding?' And then, still a few months later, … [Read more...]

The last feed came and went…

The clock winked. Time had just played the biggest joke on me. It had sneaked past and I hadn't even noticed. Last week my daughter was still breastfeeding. Bed times were dragging on and I was looking at that same clock impatient to get away to my other life. The one that started when the kids … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding blog hop


I came across this blog hop late on Wednesday night (or was it early Thursday morning?). I had a recent relevant post, so I linked up. (Sorry, ladies, I only followed half of your guidelines. I was almost asleep and too worn out to process them all. I'll be more careful next time, I promise.) What … [Read more...]