Fairy Tales of Sand

Sand Sculpture

There is a yearly sand sculpture festival in Burgas (Bulgaria) that we've been visiting every time we come. Three years ago this is where my daughter went missing. She was 2 years old at the time and she was gone for good 10-15 minutes. The only reason I didn't call the police was that I was still … [Read more...]

Gyuveche (easy recipe)


Some of you asked what I would cook in the Bulgarian clay pots my mum sent me not so long ago. Here is an easy gyuveche recipe. Ingredients For one portion (one pot) you will need: 1 table spoon of oil (I use grape seed oil because it's supposed to be healthier, but in Bulgaria you'd normally … [Read more...]

Grateful for gifts and my mother-in-law

Rose quartz

You might remember me mentioning Julie Parker's Build Your Biz + Blog with Love Workshop last week. In addition to all the knowledge and inspiration I also received some lovely gifts there. I wanted to enjoy my gifts without all the questioning, 'What is this?', 'Can I play with it?', 'Can I take it … [Read more...]

Grateful for martenitsi


In Bulgaria the first day of March is a celebration of the coming spring and people give each other martenitsi (good luck charms from red and white yarn). Last year we made our own martenitsi. This year my mum sent us some by mail. She was stressing that we weren't going to get them on time … [Read more...]