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Grateful for real books and imaginary book reviews

Dancing skeleton

It’s school holidays time and I’m grateful to Mister Maker (the book) for entertaining the kids on rainy days. We made so much stuff and so much mess that I was looking forward to putting Mr Maker back on the library shelf and getting something more along the lines of ‘how to draw’ instead. No such luck….

Dress-up emergency: pirate costume in 10 minutes

Pirate costume essentials

What if you forgot (again!) that your child needed to dress up for school or a party and you had 10 minutes to do something about it? Here is what we came up with: 1) Bandanna. 2) Eye patch (made of black paper and elastic, we used sticky tape to attach the elastic to the paper). 3) A dagger…

From junk to necklace

Making necklaces from junk

This is what we made from lots of junk at a local eco-living fair. Lots of mess. And some lovely necklaces. Linking to Inspire Me Monday and Creative Every Day. 

How to make time for your creative projects

My time creations

Last week at Village Voices Kirsty set a challenge: share your top tip for staying creative. Here is mine: Create with your kids I know a lot of mums who prefer their kids to have their art and craft time at playgroup or preschool. I’ve been there myself. After all, it can be a tedious…

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