What if I can live the way I dance?

Image: Flamenco Dancer Oil Painting by Willy Biaggi. Please visit his Etsy shop! Once in a while I come across a blog post that touches me to the very bottom of my soul. Today I'm talking about To Live as I Dance by Julie Daley. I've been thinking about it, re-reading it, imagining all the … [Read more...]

Are you too busy with the kids to get creative?

My children

Here is an activity to get your creative juices flowing while keeping the kids occupied. Get a pile of old magazines, glue, paper and scissors. Look through the pictures and cut out that speak to you. Then glue them in any order that appeals to you on a piece of paper or in your visual diary. … [Read more...]

Creative every day: defining the challenge

Getting ready to create

I joined another online challenge, Creative Every Day for the whole of 2012. Every day. To commit to that I had to sit down and define what it meant to me to be creative. If I had to produce a finished piece of art, craft or even an unusual meal daily, I'd be in trouble. But to me creativity … [Read more...]