What dance has taught me about balance

finding balance

For a long time I associated balance with being still and I didn't want it in my life. Who wants to stay still when there are so many places to go and so much to experience? Until, one day, I felt a bit wobbly on the dance floor. And it made me think... A dancer is the impersonation of balance and … [Read more...]

Pregnant ladies can dance


It's been a standard remark this week. 'You are so far along and you can still walk?' Well, yes. Is that unusual? Most pregnant mums I know have no choice but to walk. Also run, look for shoes under the couch and carry kids around as well as kids' gear. Pregnant ladies can do a whole lot … [Read more...]

Grateful for sharing a dance


I take my kids to my dance class sometimes and until recently they preferred to sit quietly in the corner and just watch. Yesterday they got up and joined the (adult advanced) class. While I can't let them join in and disrupt the class every time, I'm grateful for their increased confidence and … [Read more...]

What if I can live the way I dance?

Image: Flamenco Dancer Oil Painting by Willy Biaggi. Please visit his Etsy shop! Once in a while I come across a blog post that touches me to the very bottom of my soul. Today I'm talking about To Live as I Dance by Julie Daley. I've been thinking about it, re-reading it, imagining all the … [Read more...]