Christmas family traditions: creating our own

Christmas family traditions

*** Sponsored post *** Christmas family traditions weren't a part of my childhood. I grew up in a socialist country where Christmas wasn't celebrated, at least not in my family. Eventually times changed, but it took a while for old Bulgarian traditions to come back to life. Then I came to … [Read more...]

Grateful for Easter eggs

Easter eggs

It's that time of the year again... time for building family traditions and some Easter fun. Last year we used natural dyes to dye eggs. This year my mum sent me egg dye and all those things that are not as environmentally friendly, but the kids love like crayons for eggs, stickers and sleeves … [Read more...]

Grateful for martenitsi


In Bulgaria the first day of March is a celebration of the coming spring and people give each other martenitsi (good luck charms from red and white yarn). Last year we made our own martenitsi. This year my mum sent us some by mail. She was stressing that we weren't going to get them on time … [Read more...]

Easter traditions: dyeing eggs

Dyed Easter eggs

It's Good Friday today and the beginning of another tradition for my family: we dyed eggs for the first time since I came to live in Australia. (That's why I am linking to Try something new. ) If I was in Bulgaria, I would just buy dye from the shops, but today we decided to use mainly natural dyes … [Read more...]