Grateful that Grandma will meet the baby

Plane in the sky

Last time getting an Australian visa for my mum was as simple: she just had to fill out an online application form and wait for a couple of days. This time, maybe because now she's a pensioner, we had to provide tons of declarations and bank statements. I was worried that we'll be asked for a bond. … [Read more...]

Grateful for my mother-in-law’s cooking

I didn't think that I'd ever say I was grateful for my mother-in-law's cooking, but here I am... She came to visit on Sunday night. I'd normally stress what to cook for her (she's not a big fan of my cooking either), but this time I wasn't feeling well, so I just asked her to bring food for … [Read more...]

Grateful for martenitsi


In Bulgaria the first day of March is a celebration of the coming spring and people give each other martenitsi (good luck charms from red and white yarn). Last year we made our own martenitsi. This year my mum sent us some by mail. She was stressing that we weren't going to get them on time … [Read more...]

Grateful for family


During our trip to my parents' (Australia to Europe) I got a visit from my old friend Mother Guilt. By the second flight the kids were utterly exhausted: they fell asleep before the plane had taken off and slept the whole way. I was looking at them and thinking that maybe I'd been selfish to drag … [Read more...]