Find the wisdom of your dreams

Dreams, Messages From Your Subconscious

Disclosure: I received a free dream interpretation and there are affiliate links in this post. Lately I've been searching for different ways to make sleep more fun and meaningful. Yes, I know I need more sleep (my body is telling me so) and often this is not enough to motivate me to actually go … [Read more...]

Go slowly

Word Art by With Grace And Eve

  I received a lovely gift in the mail - this word art print by Elisa from With Grace and Eve. I knew the print was coming, but I didn't know what exactly was on it, so before I opened the envelop I set my intention to get an answer. The question wasn't much of a question... it was more … [Read more...]

Like a flower

Flower Image by AllAnd via

Last few days before school holidays and the week of the school performance. When my son had to perform in the play for the first time in front of the school, he shared he was nervous. I encouraged him to give it a go anyway and he came home quite happy with himself. Then the day came when … [Read more...]

How setting a daily intention can transform your day


I woke up feeling frantic and stressed out. My 19-moth-old seems to be teething again and was awake for most of the night. Thankfully, my husband was at home and took care of the kids in the morning while I was catching up on sleep. However, sleep ate into my day. I woke up with a full list of … [Read more...]