Protecting my joy with gratitude


There's an easy way to make space for joy and protect your joy - practicing gratitude. I used to be very consistent writing my grateful posts once a week. It may not seem like a whole lot of gratitude, but it was enough for me. It motivated me to look throughout the week for things to be grateful … [Read more...]

Loving what is

Peaches, apricots

A beautiful summer day. Summer fruit. Making it to school on time and without any dramas. A napping little one. Time to blog. Playing along with Reverb14, Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. … [Read more...]

The bright side of jetlag

Sleeping on the plane

Jetlag is not known as the best part of the travel experience, but I've managed to find its positive sides over the years. Higher tolerance to meetings I used to work for a company where we had meetings all the time. Morning meetings (every single morning!), weekly meetings, monthly meetings, team … [Read more...]