Fairy Tales of Sand

Sand Sculpture

There is a yearly sand sculpture festival in Burgas (Bulgaria) that we've been visiting every time we come. Three years ago this is where my daughter went missing. She was 2 years old at the time and she was gone for good 10-15 minutes. The only reason I didn't call the police was that I was still … [Read more...]

Travelling with kids: twists and turns


A couple of weeks ago, after a lot of deliberation, I finally decided to fly to Bulgaria to visit my parents. The trip went pretty well - not the best time of my life by far, but manageable. Then we had a couple of amazing days with my family. Until on day three, my 7-year-old got a fever. At … [Read more...]

Grateful for choices


I have a love-hate relationship with choice. It's great to have it and it can make your life very difficult. I feel that when I'm choosing something, I'm saying 'no' to all other options. Yet, when I'm not choosing anything for fear of making a bad decision, I'm saying 'no' to everything. I've … [Read more...]

Finding support in books and mindfulness

7 Days Mindfulness Challenge

*** There are affiliate links in this post*** My Thankful Thursday posts seem to be moving later and later into the week... I've been trying for a few days now to find gratitude. I've been sitting in front of the blank screen and the words just would't come. I've been feeling overwhelmed and … [Read more...]