Grateful for gifts and my mother-in-law

Rose quartz

You might remember me mentioning Julie Parker's Build Your Biz + Blog with Love Workshop last week. In addition to all the knowledge and inspiration I also received some lovely gifts there. I wanted to enjoy my gifts without all the questioning, 'What is this?', 'Can I play with it?', 'Can I take it … [Read more...]

Grateful for my mother-in-law’s cooking

I didn't think that I'd ever say I was grateful for my mother-in-law's cooking, but here I am... She came to visit on Sunday night. I'd normally stress what to cook for her (she's not a big fan of my cooking either), but this time I wasn't feeling well, so I just asked her to bring food for … [Read more...]

Grateful for an in-law free holiday

Just the four of us

Well, it wasn't exactly a holiday, just a night away. But it was our first time camping and our first time away just the four of us. Last time we tried to go camping, the car broke and we had to come back home. And yes, there was a brother-in-law with us, which was fortunate or we'd have been … [Read more...]

Grateful to be back

Holiday view

Last month I shared my concerns about my yearly holiday with the in-laws (not my favourite time of the year). I wanted to enjoy my holiday and as a coping strategy I was going to focus on the moments as they come and not allow my expectations to drag me down. I wish I could say that I was mindful … [Read more...]