Grateful for patterns

Crocheted baby boots

For some reason baby socks always slip off, we've already lost quite a few and winter is only starting. After collecting a basketful of single socks, I thought I needed a new plan. So I found this super-easy baby boots crochet pattern and... There you have it. No more lost socks. The boots … [Read more...]

Grateful for softies

Rag doll

I saw some rag dolls at the shop last weekend and I couldn't get them out of my head. I could buy one for Little Monkey, but she 's not that much into dolls plus she already has plenty. I could buy one for Baby, but she's more interested in paper at the moment (does anyone need a shredder?). In the … [Read more...]

How to make time for your creative projects

My time creations

Last week at Village Voices Kirsty set a challenge: share your top tip for staying creative. Here is mine: Create with your kids I know a lot of mums who prefer their kids to have their art and craft time at playgroup or preschool. I've been there myself. After all, it can be a tedious job … [Read more...]

Whales, mermaids and crochet

Crocheted mermaid

During the school holidays we found ourselves at a play, The Surfer and the Mermaid.  As soon as it started as a one-man show, I was worried that my children might be a little bit too young for it. Little Monkey was probably too young, but she enjoyed looking at the mermaid pictures on the … [Read more...]