Grateful for trees

National Tree Day

"Mum, I want to plant some trees." We don't have a garden, but this Sunday is National Tree Day. So my son couldn't have timed his request any better. We had a great time planting trees last year and we are ready to do it again! It's not too late to join in. If you are in Australia, please … [Read more...]

Grateful for colours

Face painting

For a while my kids had been asking me to buy them face paint. This week I finally figured out where I could buy it from (Spotlight) and got them both paint and crayons. What happened next needs no words.... This is the conversation I had later with my husband. 'So you let them go … [Read more...]

Grateful for outdoor classrooms


School has been a recurring theme for me lately. Who would have thought? Just a couple of months ago I thought that starting school was such a non-event and everyone was making too big a deal out of it. As you can imagine, we've been playing schools a lot. You may be already bored playing … [Read more...]