A Bumptabulous (book) giveaway

My baby has been reading Bumptabulous

I got my copy of Bumptabulous a couple of months ago and didn't read it at first. It's a book where 20 mums (myself included) tell their story about conception, pregnancy and life with newborn and at the time I was too deeply immersed in my own bubble of newborn love to be drawn to other women's … [Read more...]

The waiting game

38.5 weeks

The waiting game has began. I thought the baby was coming last night; baby's head was so low that it felt like I was sitting on it. I was hoping that my baby would wait - the midwife I've been seeing throughout the pregnancy  is working tonight and tomorrow night. Last night I would have gotten … [Read more...]

Pregnant ladies can dance


It's been a standard remark this week. 'You are so far along and you can still walk?' Well, yes. Is that unusual? Most pregnant mums I know have no choice but to walk. Also run, look for shoes under the couch and carry kids around as well as kids' gear. Pregnant ladies can do a whole lot … [Read more...]

Grateful for getting started


Apparently, other pregnant women get a burst of energy called nesting to help them get everything ready before the baby comes. Not me. Climbing chairs to reach the top shelves, trying to locate baby clothes and getting them all washed and ready are all jobs that I'd gladly delegate to someone else. … [Read more...]