Stevia experiments + oat and almond cookies recipe

Oat and almond cookies

My mum had been telling me about how wonderful stevia was (natural, good for you, no calories) and I've been wanting to try it for while... but the price seemed prohibitive. So when I saw a special, I jumped straight in. It turned out it was a rush decision. The product was on special because of … [Read more...]

Gyuveche (easy recipe)


Some of you asked what I would cook in the Bulgarian clay pots my mum sent me not so long ago. Here is an easy gyuveche recipe. Ingredients For one portion (one pot) you will need: 1 table spoon of oil (I use grape seed oil because it's supposed to be healthier, but in Bulgaria you'd normally … [Read more...]

Blueberry flavoured green tea with pearls (recipe)

Pearl tea

A few weeks ago Joy at Pardon My Poppet shared her bubble tea recipe. It inspired me to give homemade tea drinks with tapioca pearls another go (after a few unsuccessful attempts in the past). I spent a few weeks mixing and stirring and I finally have a drink that I prefer to the ones you can buy … [Read more...]

4 ingredients apple cake

Apple layers

You will need 2-3 apples (preferably Granny Smith) 4 eggs 1 cup (200 ml) sugar 1 cup plain white flour Preparation 1) Pre-heat the oven to 190°C 2) Grease a cake pan. 3) Slice the apples and arrange them in the pan in 2-3 layers. 4) Sift the flour in a big bowl. 5) Separate the … [Read more...]