Celebrating imperfection


If you ask my husband, he'll tell you that I'm the most patient person in the Universe. I don't see it that way. I lose my temper way more often than I'd like. Sometimes I wake up excited that I have the most amazing ideas. I want to shout about my ideas from the rooftops and tell everyone. The … [Read more...]

Get More Sleep challenge coming soon!

Get More Sleep Challenge

It's nearly the end of 2014. Time to reconnect with your dreams and start planning for the next year. And I'm tired. So tired that my dreams are eluding me. If you ask me what I want, right now I just want to sleep for at least a week. As much as I have been talking about getting more sleep, I've … [Read more...]

Creating space for your dreams

following your dreams

In a recent survey, a few of you shared that you didn't know what your dream was (I'm keeping the survey open. If you'd like to participate, check it out here - one question only!). It didn't surprise me - we often get so busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and so tired that we get … [Read more...]