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Grateful for gardens and candlelight dinners


This week I’m grateful for… …some time away from the city, …beautiful gardens, …candlelight dinners, (not the romantic kind – ‘Dad, there’s fire on the table, call 000, quickly!’). What are you grateful for?

Are there princesses on the highway?

Spam - sand sculpture

I had a serious post planned for today until I came across this comment in my spam folder. Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your…

What a 5-year-old knows that adults sometimes forget… R U OK?


We were sitting at the dinner table. My son bit his tongue and started crying. I knew there was nothing I could do to help him, so I stayed silent. ‘Mum, you need to go back to kindergarten.’ ‘Why?’ ‘So that they can teach you what you need to say.’ ‘And what do I need…

Dear baby, your brother and sister love you

On your tricycle

It’s just you and me tonight. Everyone else has gone to visit Grandma. You will meet her soon, too. And you will meet your brother and sister. You’ve probably already learned to recognise their voices. They talk to you every day, they hug you and they kiss you  goodnight. And they are getting ready for…

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