Spring is just around the corner


A couple of years ago a posted a photo of snowdrops for my Wordless Wednesday post. This week I noticed snowdrops again... in the very same spot. In fact, this is the only place I've seen snowdrops in Australia. Is it because they don't usually grow here or is it because of my city living? Snowdrops … [Read more...]

Change your life in 10,000 steps


A couple of months ago I downloaded a pedometer app for my iPhone. At first I was just curious. I thought I was quite active. I don't drive and I like walking, so I was confident that I was doing 10,ooo steps a day anyway. It didn't turn out that way. On days when I had some time to go for a walk … [Read more...]

On board the loom band train

Loom band train

Do you have loom crazy kids, who'd rather make stuff all day than go outside? No problem, they can travel in style on board the loom band train. Every single child we met on the way commented on our loom band train. They all thought it was a super cool idea and my kids came home feeling … [Read more...]

Our new house rule

New rule

The kids made this sign to let me know I was being a bit unreasonable in my requests (I hate to admit it, but they were right). I hung it on the wall as a reminder to all of us. I'm not sure why, but the kids don't seem too thrilled to be reminded...   Playing along with Wordless … [Read more...]